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ISSN 2500-0780
ПИ №ФС77-57452


Sirak S.V. 1 Sletov A.A. 1 Elizarov A.V. 1 Mebonia T.T. 1 Arutunov А.V. 1 Kazieva I.K. 1
1 GBOU VPO «Stavropol State Medical University»
The article presents the results of development work on the creation and implementation of clinical implant - prosthesis to replace the bulk of bone defects of the mandible. In a clinical application , an endoprosthesis implant noted that the developed construction allows optimum adaptation to the implant members and muscle - tendon structure and have a stimulating activity morfofunktsionalnlnuyu early tissue defect area . The implant - prosthesis provides a complete reconstruction of the shape of the bone defect volume of the lower jaw , a stable implant - prosthesis connection with healthy tissue , which has resulted in a positive result for the bulk of operational interventions in 96.2 % of cases. As studies have shown , the use of individual developed a combined implant - prosthesis for replacement of the defect after removal of the bulk of the intraoral lesions of the mandible allows optimum adaptation to the bone , tendon , muscle and nerve structures and restore them early functional activity.