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Sirak A.G. 1 Sirak S.V. 1
1 Stavropol State Medical University
The high prevalence of dental diseases in the population, a feature of the current dental caries, inflammatory periodontal diseases require drastic measures to prevent them. The most promising way to solve this problem is to prevent dental disease, the implementation of which will reduce their prevalence and progressive development, thereby reducing the need for therapeutic measures. In this regard, the most important measure for preventing dental disease is the implementation of a rational hygienic oral care and competent selection of hygiene, some of which are elixirs. Most health-care toothpaste on the Russian market, as the main ingredient contain strong antiseptics: Valium and triclosan. Such means certainly have high antimicrobial activity, but their use results in the suppression not only pathogenic, but also the saprophyte microflora, which carries a violation oral microflora and increase of pathogenic strains of microorganisms resistant to existing antimicrobial agents, reducing efficacy. Prolonged use of mouthwash with antiseptic can exacerbate inflammation in periodontal tissues and mucous membranes of the mouth. In this regard, relevant is the development of effective parafarmatsevticheskoy toothpaste with anti-inflammatory properties based on natural plant ingredients.