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Научное обозрение. Медицинские науки
ISSN 2500-0780
ПИ №ФС77-57452


Fazylova Y.V. 1 Ruvinskaya G.R. 2 Kovyazina S.B. 1
1 GBOU VPO «Kazan State Medical University» the Ministry of Health of Russia
2 GBOU DPO «Kazan State Medical Academy» the Ministry of Health of Russia
Results of clinical approbation of use of the ozonized solutions are presented at treatment of erosive and ulcer defeats of a mucous mouth. Working solution was the drinking water conditioned by the household ozonizer «OZON-OVIV» within 15 minutes in a mode: power – 100%, stream speed – 0,5l/min. The assessment of efficiency of the appointed therapeutic complex was carried out on dynamics of inflammatory process round the centers of defeat and a mucous mouth as a whole, by expressivenesses of a pain syndrome, raid existence on a surface of elements, dynamics of its characteristics, on terms of an epitelization of elements. Purpose of the ozonized solutions has the expressed antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, facilitates removal of a raid from a surface of erosion and ulcers, promotes regeneration of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity, doesn’t render side effects, is well transferred by patients, reduces terms of stages of clinical manifestations and a rekonvalestsention, allows to reduce the volume of prescriptions of medicines, thereby, reducing a sensitization of an organism of patients that is confirmed by data of subjective and objective inspection.