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Научное обозрение. Медицинские науки
ISSN 2500-0780
ПИ №ФС77-57452


Bocharova K.A. 1 Gerasimenko A.V. 2 Zhaboeva S.L. 3
1 Belgorod National Research University
2 MPHB «City policlinic №6»
3 Clinic of youth and beauty SL
Research of association of a sarkopeniya with other geriatric syndromes, namely with a syndrome of falling, violation of balance (gait and standing) and a malnutrition is conducted. Aggravation of a sarkopenia is authentically associated with increase in frequency of falling, decrease in degree of stability, deterioration of gait and decrease in level of the general physical activity. In process of increase in degree of expressiveness of a sarkopenia there is statistically reliable increase in frequency of occurrence of a syndrome of a malnutrition. So, prevalence of a syndrome of a malnutrition at the age of 55 – 60 years in the absence of a sarkopeniya was 2,4+0,2%, at a presarkopeniye – 3,7+0,3%; at the age of 61 – 65 years – respectively 3,5+0,3% and 5,8+0,2%, p <0,05. At patients of 66 - 70 years in the absence of a sarkopeniya the syndrome of a malnutrition took place in 4,1+0,2% of cases, at a presarkopeniye – 6,5+0,1%, at a sarkopeniye – 14,1+0,5%, at the expressed sarkopeniya – 31,5+2,7%; in age group 71 – 75 years – respectively 5,3+0,3%, 8,3+0,4%, 21,5+1,3%, 44,9+2,8%; at the age of 76 – 80 years – 6,8+0,2%, 10,5+0,3%, 36,4+2,1%, 61,5+3,5%, p<0,05