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Gatien F.F. 1 Volginа F.M. 1
1 State budget educational institution of additional vocational training Kazan State Medical Academy
Introduction. Level readmissions remains one of the main criteria for the quality of the mental health facility. Analysis of readmissions mentally ill set her high level in the Republic of Tatarstan and Russia as a whole. The growing number of readmissions due to several different factors. In this regard, were analyzed biological, clinical and social factors, on the assumption that affect regospitalizatsiyu patients in a psychiatric hospital. Organic mental disorders represent one of the most significant health and social problems of psychiatry. Improving the provision of specialized care to patients with organic disorders requires a comprehensive approach that includes a stationary phase, outpatient technology, as well as efficient support in the medical and social rehabilitation. The goal - to identify the factors that are predictive of regospitalizatsy patients with organic mental disorders, prediction probability risk of repeated hospitalizations, development of recommendations aimed at improving the quality of care of these patients. Material: The sample consisted of 410 patients with organic mental disorders attributable to ICD-10, see “Organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders”, admitted for treatment in in 2008. Methods: We used the materials survey 410 patients with organic mental disorders. As a basic research program using a specially designed questionnaire, including information on clinical, biological and social characteristics of the patient. Statistical analysis used the software package SPSS v.13.0. When analyzing the data using χ2 test and Student’s t test. Results: According to the results of clinical and epidemiological studies have identified predictors of the likelihood of hospital readmissions for patients with diseases and organicheskimim psihicheskimim table was developed, allowing to estimate (predict) the possibility of re-hospitalization during the current year.