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Научное обозрение. Медицинские науки
ISSN 2500-0780
ПИ №ФС77-57452


Zaloshkov A.V. 1 Abramzon O.M. 1 Lyachshenko S.N. 1
1 Orenburg State Medical Academy
The article presents the results of surgical interventions through miniaccess in 58 patients with focal intrathoracic pathology (benign lung tumors, lymphadenopathy of mediastinum). A chest computed axial tomography was carried out in all patients before operation. In the basic group of patients under examination unlike the comparative group the authors calculated by the axial computerograms a precise localization of miniaccess along intercostal part and the nearest relative chest line, optimal for the positioning of the pathologic focus as well as a minimal length of thoracotomy depending upon the distance of tumor up to the chest. The tumor size was taken into account. Different techniques for displacement of minithoracotomic wound are presented. As a result we managed to reduce a length of miniaccess; to cut duration of operation, algesic syndrome and duration of postoperative period in the hospital.